METGreen Solutions — a service-disabled, veteran-owned company that provides IT solutions, professional services and systems integration support — recently announced plans to relocate its headquarters from Omaha to Norfolk.

Brian Moore, president and CEO of METGreen Solutions, said the company is set to break ground soon for its new base of operations behind Norfolk’s new Veterans Affairs facility.

Moore said the location is a good match as METGreen Solutions works with customers within the federal government — mainly within the Veterans Administration — to understand what their information technology requirements are and design solutions to fulfill those needs.

“We provide solutions from desktop to the cloud for our customers within the federal government,” Moore said. “We work with customers to understand their requirements and particular IT needs, then we create solutions that fit those requirements and needs.”

METGreen Solutions incorporated with its headquarters in Florida in July 2014. Its services and support include transition services to the cloud, client services, data center optimization and business continuity planning services.

It is based out of Omaha, but Moore — a native of Wayne who attended college there before entering military service — said he set moving the headquarters to Norfolk as a goal early on because of the quality of candidates in the workforce.

“I’ve been around a lot of different areas and worked with a lot of different groups throughout the country; from East Coast to West Coast, and it is the Midwest values,” Moore said. “The people in the Midwest — especially the people in Norfolk — that embody these values and is the foundation for our success.”

The company’s sales director, Lacohn Anderson, works out of Norfolk and, as the company has gained momentum, staff has been added in the Norfolk area with the intention of having more than 35 employees in the next 3-5 years.

“With Lacohn’s expertise, she’s assembled an amazing staff so far, and that’s where we want to continue to grow and continue to add staff,” Moore said.

Moore said Anderson has helped build a solid foundation for the company, which started slowly but since has grown from $5 million in 2018 to more than $100 million now. Seeing that kind of growth, he added, is exciting because it reflects the number of customers with whom they’ve been able to engage and provide best-of-breed technology.

“We have got such a solid foundation right now that we’ve built for the company,” Moore said. “Growing (from) that, it’s limitless in what we can accomplish.”

METGreen Solutions recently won a potential five-year, $527.6 million task order from the U.S.Department of Veterans Affairs for ServiceNow software-as-a-service license entitlements.

The suite of integrated software will support the VA’s ability to provide a robust IT infrastructure and allow for immediate clinical application access for staff as the VA continues to add clinicians, support staff and volunteers to meet the needs of increased patient care.

Moore said the benefits of these services would be felt nationwide for the VA, down to the regional clinics.

“It has that far of an outreach in what it’s going to provide them,” Moore said. “And our goal — and myself, in particular, being a veteran, it really hits close to home because it now takes that next step for the Department of Veterans Affairs to continue to provide outstanding service for their veterans.”

Additionally, the contract will continue VA’s expansion and proactive support of telehealth workers by being able to perform all manner of hardware and software management.

Anderson said she anticipates METGreen Solutions’ new building to be about twice the size of the VA clinic that opened earlier this year in Norfolk. It will include warehouse space needed to fulfill its pending contracts.

Moore said the ultimate goal for construction would be to have it ready for late spring or early summer 2021 and that staff also will have increased by then, as well.

“We have four staff members that sit in Norfolk right now,” Moore said. “Our intent is that by the time the office opens we will mostly likely grow to be that of about 10. From there, we will continue to add staff as appropriate.”