Growing Together Career Scholars Program

Growing Together Career Scholars Fields of Study

Business Administration
• Accounting
• Agribusiness
• Economics
• Finance
• Human Resource Management
• Management
• Marketing
• Office Administration
• Public Accounting

Computer Information Systems
• Integrated Technology Support
• Networking and Cyber Security
• Programmer/Analyst
• Web Analyst

Computer Science and Industrial Technology
• Construction Management
• Drafting and Design
• Manufacturing Management
• Safety Management

Mass Communication
• Electronic Media
• Journalism

WAYS EMPLOYERS CAN GET INVOLVED - How you can meet the students

Employer information sessions
Hosting an information session can be highly effective in your overall presence-building and relationship-building strategy. Information sessions allow you to share information about your organization and the positions that you currently have available.

Industry Advisory Board
We constantly strive to connect students to employers and keep up with current industry trends. As part of that goal, we are looking for employers that have an interest in serving on a new Co-op Advisory Board. The Board will meet three times a year to share important industry trends, provide insight into employer recruiting needs, and act as a sounding board for new and existing program plans for co-op. Your involvement directly affects how we prepare our co-op students for employment.

Industry site visits
Hosting an industry site visit is an effective way for students to get a sneak peek into the culture and work environment at your facility. Site visits are an excellent forum to showcase your company’s products/services and culture. We partner with interested companies to coordinate tours for student groups. The format is open and flexible to meet each employer’s needs.

Employer panels, workshops, roundtables, and seminars
We provide employers the opportunity to present to our students on a variety of career-related topics. Our Employer Expectations Panel and Freshman Fundamentals Employer Panel allow students to gain insight on various career fields tied to co-op. Employers educate students about careers in their field of study and what they offer students in a co-op position. Roundtables provide a discipline-specific format in a smaller group setting, so employers get to know students through discussions that are student- and employer- led.

Mock interviews and on-campus recruiting
Mock interviews are an excellent opportunity to practice interviewing and allow you to have an early look at co-op candidates. Interviews are 30 minutes each, including time for constructive feedback to help the student improve. This is a win-win as our students will feel more prepared for their job search, and you’ll have the opportunity to promote your organization and build an early pipeline of potential qualified candidates. We also provide on-campus recruiting through interviews during a student’s junior year, leading to a Match Day between co-op students and employers.


Why hire a Wayne State College student?
For over 100 years, Wayne State College has been devoted to student success
and regional service. Rural communities are known for producing kids raised in the spirit of hard work, perseverance, and resilience.
These traits are attractive to prospective employers and make rural, four-year degree
holders some of the most sought-after workers in the country. By combining the
learning experiences from a co-op program with our rigorous classroom curriculum
taught in state-of-the-art facilities, Wayne State College stands to become a
workforce development leader in Nebraska.

Employer role
As a hiring employer, you’ll provide a full-time paid position that is relevant to
the student’s career. You will mentor the student and evaluate their performance.
Employers will host a short site visit by WSC midway through the semester to
collaborate on the student’s progress in the program.

Employer benefits
In return, you’ll have access to motivated, productive students who can perform junior-level tasks. This frees up your experienced personnel to work on higher
priority projects. In return, you’ll have access to:
• Students who are eager, motivated, and ready to learn
• Students with high-tech skills that can provide new perspectives
• A recruiting pipeline while onboarding co-op students into your work culture
• A way to preview and train future employees before graduation
• The ability to interview and choose the students you want
• Access to a skilled, short-term, cost-effective workforce to fill potential full-time
• Reduced costs associated with recruiting and training new hires