A ceremony was held Wednesday afternoon to commemorate the groundbreaking of Bradford Business Park, a new commercial business park in western Norfolk.

The ceremony, held at the Norfolk Public Library after an on-site groundbreaking was canceled shortly before the event started, honored the individuals and businesses that helped make the development a reality.

The development’s first tenants were announced at the ceremony. Heartland Beverage, a beverage distribution company originally founded in O’Neill as Adamson Distributing; and FieldWise, an agricultural technology company founded in Ewing.

Both were described by Norfolk mayor Josh Moenning as good fits for the first businesses to reside at the business park, as they represent local, family-owned and innovative companies that will benefit Norfolk and Northeast Nebraska.

Also honored was Jim Bradford, whose family owned the land at 37th St. and Omaha Ave. Bradford’s family name is not only the namesake for the park, but the new street of Bradford Ave. will also be named in his honor.